Ash Wednesday – Our Corporate Internal Retreat

ash“Today we gather together, ashes are placed on our foreheads, and we pray.  Scripture is proclaimed and we are reminded by our Lord in these scriptures that fasting, alms giving, and prayer are not something done for others to see, but rather something done so we might be transformed to be more like him.  We fast to remind ourselves that the good things of this life are simply a foretaste of the goodness of heaven.  We give alms to remind ourselves we are merely stewards of God’s blessings and we must share them with others because in doing so we reflect the image of God.  And we pray because if we stop praying we forget how to live.  All of these things we do more intentionally over these forty days of Lent not to be recognized for them but so that  God is recognized in them.  Yes my friends, lent has begun and the Christian church now retreats into herself so that she may emerge from the tomb on Easter Sunday to proclaim the good news that Christ is Risen as he said he would!” – Dominick D. Hankle


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