Returning to a True Understanding of God

offering-300x213“We make spiritual retreats to strip our hearts of the idols created by our need to be comfortable with God.  So often the spiritual person gradually shifts their understanding of God to be something they are comfortable with instead of who he really is.  These alterations slowly allow us to make God irrelevant; something we can set aside when we want and then recall when we need something.  That’s not a God of faith but rather a God of superstition.  The spiritual retreat forces us to face the true and living God in the silence of our soul.  We must experience him for all he truly is, not what we turn him into.  When he is close we must recognize his all consuming love and fearlessly turn ourselves over to be consumed and remade in his image and likeness.  When he is distant we must allow the huge cavern between heaven and earth sit in our souls causing us some level of angst and desire for God’s presence.  This distance reminds us of the holiness of God and his transcendent nature.  It reminds us he’s nothing like us and the great lengths he travels to dwell with us.  Allow your spiritual retreat to radically reconfigure your heart so the God with whom you have become overly comfortable can once again become the God who is Lord and Master of your life.  Dwell comfortably in the uncomfortableness of knowing such a great and divine Lord condescends to meet you in your human condition with love and affection even in your sin.” – Dominick D. Hankle –


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