Sorrow Leading to Joy – The Christian Life of Paradox


“A great paradox of the spiritual life is that while Christians live lives of repentance and sorrow for their sins they also live lives marked by gratitude and great joy.  Sorrow brings tears to the Christian’s eyes but the grace of new life, forgiveness, and unconditional love received from God turns those tears of sorrow into tears of Joy.  These weeping eyes allow the Christian to see they can grow and become closer to God through the difficulties of this life.  When the Christian is able to see eternity in the temporal, joy in the sorrow, and life in the midst of death they have truly found salvation in their God.  Happiness is not something we achieve for its own sake, it’s the after effect of a life lived in service to God and each other.  Weep my brothers and sisters for the sin impacting your life.  Weep because sin has fractured your relationships with God and one another.  Yet laugh; laugh until you cry and know your God delights in you and desires peace for you in the midst of turmoil, life for eternity, and in the end an eternal joy we only partially understand in this life.” -Dominick D. Hankle


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