Prayer is to Dwell with God


“When one prays they find themselves dwelling with God.  This realization grows over time in the spiritual life.  At first, we talk and share our hearts concerns and we know God listens.  In this way we dwell with a God who hears the concerns and needs, fears and hopes, joys and sorrows of one who loves him.  Then, gradually our spirit begins to hear the still and quiet voice of God.  This is another means of dwelling with God as his Spirit impresses itself upon us communicating his presence to our hearts.  Then, when we have progressed in the spiritual life, it’s not only in our speaking, God’s listening, or his Spirit’s promptings that we know we dwell with him, rather it’s in knowing his continual presence with every breath we take.  It’s when our eyes see within the temporal life the eternal things, our ears hear within the worldly things heavenly choirs, and our minds grasp paradoxical truths within what appears to be illogical presuppositions that we dwell with God.  When we awake in the morning we dwell with God, when we rest in the afternoon, we dwell with God, and when we close our eyes at night, we dwell with God.  Prayer, when practiced often, leads us to know we dwell in the very source of light and love and we can never escape it.  Prayer is to dwell with God.” – Dominick D. Hankle PhD


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