There is no Divided Christ

Jesus mc“There is no white or black Christianity, no Hispanic or European Christ.  There is no purely reformed or purely catholic Christianity in the denominational sense.  These categories can never describe what Christianity truly is because they are meant to divide and categorize not unite.  Christ did not offer a way of life only for Jews, Greeks, Romans, or Egyptians.  He offered an invitation to be one community, a people drawn together because of their love for him and his way of life.  Yet, we continue to be one of the most segregated bodies of people each Sunday we gather to worship.  We continue to build churches based on ethnicity, race, age, styles of worship, and neighborhoods.  We must recapture the unity in love that Christ intended for his community.  We divide because we only see others with temporal eyes using temporal vision.  When we see with temporal vision we see black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc.  Yet, if we choose to see with eternal eyes, eyes opened up to eternal life when we were born again, we no longer see a divided body of Christ but rather the whole Christ.  We must love the whole Christ and in doing so we love as a community first and foremost.  Lord, give me eternal vision that I may see you in all people and in the temporal world encounter eternal truth, beauty, and goodness.” – Dominick D. Hankle PhD


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