Weep my Fellow Christian


“The spiritual person frequently experiences pain.  The spiritual life, at least for the Christian is not an escape from this world but one meant to be leaven to this world.  For leaven to do its work it must be kneaded into the dough, pushed, pulled, stretched, and turned over and over again until it permeates unbaked bread.  Then, along with the dough it’s placed in an oven and subjected to high levels of heat.  This is the Christian’s spiritual life.  A Christian who doesn’t weep for the world feeling its pain is one who is not engaging the world bringing Christ wherever he or she goes.  We are in the world but not of it, yet we are engaged in it because that‘s exactly what our master desired.  Weep fellow Christians, for many suffer because of sin.  Wars rage, refugees seek shelter, disease impacts families, hunger causes aches in the stomachs of children, death finds its home everywhere people dwell.  Don’t think you can develop a spiritual life free from pain and suffering, that’s not the Christian way.  Rather allow yourself to weep while maintaining hope.  All of this will pass and its only remedy is in the return of Christ.  This is why a detached spiritual life isn’t a Christian spiritual life.  We must weep with those in pain, but also laugh with those experiencing joy.  For the pain we feel reminds us of the brokenness of the world, but laughter is a foretaste of heaven, our eternal dwelling and the place in which our hope resides.  The Christian lives life; the good, the bad, the joyful and the sad.  Live life my fellow Christian in all its many ways.  Don’t fear its sufferings and always enjoy whatever peace God provides in the midst of its storms.” – Dominick D. Hankle


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