Radical Love and its Energizing Power

sacrifical love

“When we choose to love someone we can’t count the cost.  Counting the cost is how we  determine the limits of our love.  However, truly loving someone leads you to places you never thought you could go.  You experience parts of your self and other people that will amaze you and give you a new perspective on living.  If the manner in which you love someone feels too comfortable then you’ve settled into a love that may be fulfilling but doesn’t challenge you to grow spiritually.  This is the paradox of radical unconditional love.  It sounds like constantly loving someone in such a radically unconditional way would be exhausting.  However, the more and more we exercise this type of love, the more fulfilled we are and at peace in our lives!  If you are pouring yourself out for someone and you’re exhausted, perhaps it’s not love you offer but duty.  Duty has its place, but it cannot replace love.  You were created for love so when you exercise love you’re doing the very thing God created you to do.  When you’re performing a duty you do so because in this fallen world we sometimes need to be compelled to perform that which is necessary for order and survival.  Duty is virtuous, but love transcends virtue because it is divine.  When we love unconditionally in a radical way we are never exhausted, rather we’re fulfilled and experience the divine spark longing to become inflamed within our souls.” – Dominick Hankle PhD


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