The Journey God Beckons You to Take


“If we gaze too long at where God wants to take us but never start the journey we never experience his abundant grace. Yet, when we walk with God even the darkest forest and highest hills can be traversed for he guides us through what we can’t see to know him in ways we’ve never experienced before. Don’t fear the journey, embrace the path God beckons you to take and know him more profoundly.” –


Hope – The Seeds of Life in a Desert of Despair

“Hope is the resilient seed of life allowing us to find within the desert of despair the fresh green evidence of life. This is why Hope isn’t a virtue you cultivate on your own but rather a grace from God one must passively receive. The Christian must exercise “Active receptivity” in which one pursues opportunities to be available to the transforming work God does in a receiving heart. Be open to the seeds of hope and allow God to plant them in your desert of despair and you will see life where it seems only death is found.” -Dominick D. Hankle