The God of Hospitality Alive in Us


“We must be perpetually prepared to offer true hospitality to those in need. If you are Christian you serve a God who “Came to his own, yet was not received by them.” In spite of the unwelcoming nature of this world, this God you serve is the very incarnation of hospitality. Christians everywhere partake of the Eucharist. In this Eucharist we “re-experience” the hospitality of God. In this act of communion Christ offers himself, his very life, to those who will receive him. Through the Lord’s Supper we experience true hospitality. We who seek refuge find new life, spiritual food for our journey, shelter from the terrors of a sinful world, and hope in an ever present savior. If those of us claiming to have Christ in us cannot take the hospitality of our Lord’s table and extend it to those seeking refuge we show an ignorance of what it truly means when Christ says, “Take, eat, this is my body broken for you. Take, drink, this is my blood shed for you.” If Christ invites us into his life without asking anything of us, who are we to ask those seeking to be a part of our lives for qualifications. Be Eucharist to others by receiving the hospitality of Christ offered at his table and extend that life to others through radical love and acceptance regardless of where they come from, their race, religion, or ethnicity. If Christ shares his life with you unconditionally how can you refuse to share yours with others?”


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