Prayer is to Dwell with God


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When one prays they find themselves dwelling with God.  This realization grows over time as you mature in the mystical life.  At first, you speak with God sharing your hearts concerns believing God listens to every word you speak.  In this way, you discover you dwell with a God who hears the concerns, needs, fears, hopes, joys, and sorrows of those who love him.  Then, gradually your spirit begins to hear the still and quiet voice of God whether in a crowd or a quiet place in the garden.  This is another way of dwelling with God as his Spirit impresses itself upon you communicating his presence to your very soul.  Then, when you have progressed further along your spiritual walk, it’s not only your conversations with God allowing you to know you dwell with him, rather it’s in knowing his continual presence surrounds you with every breath you take.  God is in you, above you, below you, beside you, and permeates all of creation upholding and lifting you up. 

It’s when your eyes see the eternal in the temporal, your ears hear heavenly choirs within worldly things, and your mind grasps paradoxical truths within what appears to be illogical presuppositions that you know you dwell with God in a mystical way.  Prayer, when practiced in this way leads us to know we dwell in the very source of light and love and can never escape it.  Prayer is to dwell with God.

Author: Dominick D. Hankle PhD

Dr. Hankle has 20 years of experience in pastoral counseling and pastoral ministry. He is founder of the organization “From Emmaus to Jerusalem,” that promotes sacramental healing, spiritual direction, and counseling. His publication and presentation topics include spiritual discernment, the use of the psalms in therapy, and healing from a holistic perspective. He has also written about the use of psychology in priestly formation and other faith topics. Dr. Hankle serves as a priest in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, a convergence community and pastors a community in Virginia Beach called Emmaus Fellowship.

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