Living life is hard, but it’s the only choice you have.  While life involves pain, struggle, difficulty, and sadness, it also has its moments of happiness, peace, joy, friendship and ultimately love.  I’ve spent the past 20 plus years helping people overcome life’s difficulties.  By helping you learn to be resilient and draw on your personal strengths through a balanced integrated life you can experience peace, love, beauty, and goodness.  Through the use of the best research in disciplines like psychology, spirituality, theology, and other health sciences I can help you discover how to live well, flourish within your life’s conditions, make changes when possible, and resiliently overcome your struggles.  I’m passionate about helping you be the best human being you can be!

If you’re interested in starting the process of healing, growing, or being a stronger you contact me and we can start putting a plan together allowing you to live life as you were meant to live it; with balance, passion, and resilience.

Email: ddhankle@gmail.com

Facebook: Dominick D. Hankle PhD-Facebook Page

Twitter: @dhankle


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