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Short Essays on the Spiritual Life available at in both Paperback and Kindle editions:

“The failure to love is not a failure on the part of God but rather a failure on our part to allow God to work through us. Our challenge is to explore our spiritual selves and remove those barriers keeping us from being a window in which people encounter the living God.” – Hankle in Short Essays on the Spiritual Life

“You will never help someone grow spiritually by arguing them into a loving relationship with God, it just doesn’t work that way. Rather, welcome them into your company so they may see how Christ has transformed you.” – Hankle in Short Essays on the Spiritual Life

Drawing on over 20 years as a pastoral minister, therapist, and professor of psychology, Dr. Hankle captures deep spiritual truths of the Christian faith and weaves together very real authentic expressions of the human soul’s pain, joy, need for meaning, and love. His knowledge of psychology, theology, and Christian spirituality as well as years of walking with troubled and searching souls makes these reflections both insightful, relevant, and inspiring. Come and enter into the human heart with Dr. Hankle as he reflects on the themes and experiences of our basic human experience enlightened by Christian spirituality and psychological knowledge.

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Every soul carries within itself pain caused by the hurtful words and acts of another human being. How can you find peace and heal from these wounds? How can you live a Christian life reflective of Christ’s command to be a forgiving, loving person? By integrating the work of psychologists and the deep theological truths of the Christian faith, Dr. Hankle answers these questions and more so you can live a healthy, flourishing, resilient life. He provides you with practical steps to incorporate in your daily spiritual practices so you may love and be loved as God intended.

“Dominick Hankle has given us a moving narrative of what it means to be a forgiving Christian. Dr. Hankle’s empathy and concern for others from his years of psychological counseling and Christian ministry is compelling. His deep theological perspective throughout the text from his training as a theologian orients our actions. And his clear and accessible presentation of every aspect of forgiveness keeps us reading and moves us to a life of forgiveness. The Christian Vocation of Forgiveness is as practical as it is insightful.”
–C. Eric Jones, Associate Professor of Psychology, Regent University

“In his comprehensive new book, the Rev. Dr. Hankle thoughtfully addresses the subject of forgiveness, providing relevant biblical, historical, and theological perspective throughout on this vital topic. Most importantly, Hankle offers practical insights as to how his readers can apply the principles presented in the book to their everyday lives. I can say without reservation that through this very readable and engaging book, I’ve grown significantly in the virtue of forgiveness. I highly commend this work to laity and clergy alike!”
–Doug Gray, Episcopal priest and chaplain in Virginia Beach, VA

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