Retreats and Workshops


Would you like to host a retreat or workshop that facilitates spiritual growth in a number of areas of life?  Fr. Dominick Hankle PhD hosts the following workshops/retreats:

The Vocation of Forgiveness

The Christian vocation is one that reflects the vocation of the Master. Our lives are to be lives of forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing. How can Christians embrace this vocation more perfectly? In this two day retreat Dr. Hankle helps Christians understand why forgiveness is a part of the Christian vocation, what forgiveness looks like from a Christian perspective, and how we can forgive more effectively. Drawing on years of work in pastoral ministry, counseling psychology, and research Dr. Hankle provides retreats that are informative, prayerful, and transformative.

Made in His Image – A Retreat of Self-Discovery

What does it mean to be made in the image and likeness of God?  How do we develop an accurate concept of God?  Lastly, how does our God image, a psychological concept, impact our behaviors, relationships, emotions, and ultimately our spirituality?  Dr. Hankle explores these concepts through Scripture, Classical Spirituality, and Psychological theory allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of who God is, their personal relationship to him, and how developing a healthy accurate God concept can lead one to grow more deeply in love with the God who created them and the people He places in their lives.