Testimonials – What Are They Saying About Dominick!

Hankle Preaching“Dr. Hankle is always well prepared and very engaging. When speaking on “solely” academic topics is presentations are well organized and lively. When preaching in a church setting, which he did when he was a member of this congregation, he always offers new insights even on tried and true scripture passages. He brings his extensive education and experience to bear to help his audience gain new understanding. He is excellent at Q&A, often faced with “where did that come from?” questions from his audience. He is fast on his feet in formulating answers, but is also quite willing to say, “I’m not totally certain, but let me check this out and I’ll get back to you” (usually at the next class session; and he always follows through. He has a gift for holding his audience in the palm of his hand.” – Fr. Mike Ferguson, Episcopal Co-Pastor at Church of the Holy Apostles Virginia Beach

“Dr. Hankle has spoken on multiple occasions at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay in various contexts. He is a superb speaker and teacher who presents clear, thought-provoking and relevant material for his audience. He has a warm, welcoming and engaging speaking style and is a pleasure to listen to.” – Fr. Doug Gray, Senior Chaplain at Westminster Canterbury Virginia Beach

“Dominick is happy well rounded and personable. He is a family man and practices his religious beliefs with devotion and passion. I have the utmost respect for Dominick and as he carries out his duties as Sr. Pastoral Associate, teacher, counselor, and friend. He is well respected within our Church of the Holy Apostles family. He is willing to step in when there is a need, without being asked. He does this with ease and humility. One could never say a negative word about Dominick. He is truly a remarkable person.” – Parishioner at Holy Apostles Church